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Jesus Helped Me Come Out..

Zachary & Bayleigh


Probably the hardest thing for me, as someone who has experienced a drastic life transformation, is properly communicating my passion for those around me who I see making a decision to allow God to change them from the inside out. Inherently, I want to help others speed up their process. My heart breaks to see people who are taking similar walks as mine with the same God yet no transformation is taking place. If you are someone who has decided to allow God to change you from the inside out in the area of homosexuality and/or same sex attraction and you are not seeing results similar to the ones I have experienced, I want to encourage you to make a shift in your pursuit.

It is perfectly okay to stop and evaluate where your life is going by the decisions you make and the beliefs you carry. When the Apollo…

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Jesus Did Not Tell Me To Be STRAIGHT.

Holiness leads to wholeness

Zachary & Bayleigh

A response to a few negative comments on “Straight Outta LGBT”

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In my journey (from homosexuality, to same sex attraction, to freedom), Jesus never told me that I had to become straight in order to experience the kingdom of God. Of all the times He spoke to my situations He NEVER said, “If you do not start liking women right now, I will cut you off.” That is not the nature of a loving fatherly God. Yes He is a master and we are his servants but He is a wise master; a master at being Father. Unlike a lot of us Christ followers, God reveals who we can be over who we are rather than labeling who we are to scare us into being who we can be. For example, I was openly gay and it was obvious that a special sect…

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Straight Outta LGBT

Zachary & Bayleigh

I have been in the presence of God plenty of times. I have read my bible for years and I’ve prayed for God to miraculously take SSA (same sex attraction) away but nothing happened.

I’m not saying those things don’t work because I know of people who have had and encounter with God and SSA completely vanished, but for me it wasn’t like that.

Why did I not receive complete deliverance at one of the hundreds of altar calls that I answered? Was there something wrong with me? Did God just not like me as much as others? Did I not deserve deliverance because God supposedly “hates” gays? Some of my questions never received answers but I knew God didn’t play favorites and he has great gifts for his sons and daughters. I had a deliverance destined for me! My problem was I didn’t know how to get it.


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Let’s be real…

“Authenticity is the daily practice of letting go of who we think we’re supposed to be and embracing who we are.” – Brené Brown

Kathleen Courtney

This blog post is one that is SUPER different to all the other ones I have ever posted, but something that, for some unknown reason, I feel compelled to write. So here it is, a post inspired by the above photo, recent developments I’ve made in my life, conversations with friends, and books that I have read.

I’m being real, I have attached an unedited photo of what my life looks like right now, 9.45pm Tuesday 30th May 2017, a moment that I will never revisit regardless of what happens. I lie here with my clean loads of laundry awaiting to be sorted and folded. The calendar on my wall hasn’t really been attended to in 3 days. I still need to wash my bed sheets & make my bed. I have shoes strewn all on floor in random places. My rubbish bin is overflowing but funnily enough I haven’t…

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Ride the waves

“The waves will always come, but the longer you are out there, or the longer you live, the more you realise that it is just a wave. ”

-Kathleen Courtney

[& the better we get at riding them!]

Kathleen Courtney


Last Saturday I escaped the rush of life and just sat by the beach.

Alone. Watching. Thinking.

I watched the waves come in and go out, pushing the water around. Sometimes all you could hear would be the thrashing of the waves against each other. Sometimes though, I was able to hear silence. There was no thrashing, and crashing of waves.

Then I realised, life is just like riding the waves.

Say that you are out in the waves and one minute you are there floating around (or standing, depending on how tall you are) and enjoying the serenity of the magnificent, open ocean. Then, out of no where a wave crashes over you, and for a moment you can’t find your footing, you’re disorientated, wanting to gasp for air, but you just continue to tumble around in the white wash of the wave. Suddenly, it stops. You’re able to…

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Content (adj.)

“When we are weaned off of something, we become accustomed to managing without something we have been dependent on. Personally, my contentedness comes from being weaned off of letting my emotions and circumstances control me. Specifically it allows me to accept what life throws at me. When life throws me a sunny day with a smooth tasting coffee and no looming assignments I am content. When life throws me an assignment due date, no money, and regret of speaking when I probably shouldn’t have, I am content. I am content even of the smallest details like watching the different cloud formations in the sky.”

– Kathleen Courtney

Kathleen Courtney


Following on from my previous ‘simple’ post comes one that is so close to my heart at the moment. The one word that has been on my mind and on my lips this past week is content. For the majority of my life I have wanted more. I have always had a list of what qualities, skills, looks, and attributes that I was working towards (or what I should be working towards), but what did it leave me with? Initially it helped, I was able to feel better when I was promoted, when I got better grades, and when people said nice things about me. I say initially because these things never last. I based my life around my feelings. My whole outlook on life fluctuated depending on my circumstances. If you have ever lived at least one day on Earth you can testify that feelings and circumstances, whether…

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